We believe that geographical location should play no role in the quality of education available to students. We offer a plethora of varied, interactive online courses so that students have access to outstanding teachers regardless of where you are based – all you need is a WiFi connection.

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Welcome to The English Tutor!

This is our first blog post here at TET, and we would be remiss if we did not admit that writing ourselves is a daunting task. But, if we encourage our students to face their fear of writing failure, then we must certainly do the same. Our students consistently prove to us that facing our fears can have beautiful results. Our classes submit outstanding writing pieces, and we find ourselves saying quite often that they are far more creative and capable than we could hope to be. With that said, we are willing to try and have even an ounce of their creativity and post our writing here.

So who are we?

We are two very passionate English teachers, who are keen to leave an impression in the world of education. The English Tutor began when we started teaching children online in China while they experienced lockdown during the pandemic. We’ve now had the privilege of teaching children from all over the world, including our volunteer work with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization. 

Aside from our teaching, we are two self-proclaimed Harry Potter experts, proud Hufflepuffs, we love reading for pleasure (although as any English teacher knows, we don’t get as much time for this as we would like!), and currently hold our staff meetings while running through a large cemetery in Midtown Toronto. Sam loves musicals and is fiercely competitive at the Finnish game Molkky, Julie loves theatre and makes a mean oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. 

What do we do?

We offer a wide range of guided reading courses online for children of all ages through our online platform. We have covered the works of Dahl, Shakespeare, Rowling, Milne, Seuss, poetry, and a plethora of non-fiction texts (to name a few). We are focused on developing a life-long love of reading in our students. Students learn to read and analyze texts from unique perspectives and develop the critical skills needed for success in school and beyond. We create new resources every week and are currently working on creating accessible IELTS resources and EQAO testing resources. 

What can you expect to see on this blog?

This blog is a place for us to chat about all things education! We want to build a community here that can talk about our love of teaching, issues we are currently facing in education, share resources, and post examples of student and teacher work.

Thanks for following along!

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